Friday, March 6, 2009

Being Bad

Shhhh. Don't tell...but I'm working on something I'm not supposed to be.

I know, how evil!

There's this idea for a new mystery series that I've had for a while, and even though I was sort of told not to work on it, I'm doing it anyway. I can't help it.

It's the characters. They're demanding. Some are whining. Especially the male lead who, really, is a supporting character and so gets a lot less screen time than he'd like. He's particularly noisy, demanding that I hurry up and get to his scenes.

But I'm not, because the other characters are also making noise, and there are more of them. And they band together, this set, they really do. Particularly since, as the real main characters are quick to mention, it's not his story so much as theirs. Though he's important and he's a nice boy and they like him and all. But, really, focus here, young lady, where it belongs.

They're kind of bossy, but that's okay. They're propelling their story forward, and that's what matters. Of course, this is the story I was sort of told not to work on...but no matter. I'm doing it anyway. And loving every line of it, too.

'Cause I'm bad to the bone that way.

Cheryl Walker

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