Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Killed the Synopsis?

Oh. No one. What a pity.

Yes, I'm at that point in every writer's life. Well, every novelist's life. The book is done and almost through the editing rounds, meaning it's almost ready to go to my agent. But it cannot go without...a synopsis.

I despise them. I truly do. I pretend that I'm okay with them, but I'm not. They turn my books into something dull and lifeless. And I find it hard to believe anyone's going to buy my books based on the present tense reiteration of the plot and characters.

From what my agent's told me, most if not all writers hate writing a synopsis, for the same reasons I do. She's not sold on their effectiveness, either, however, she's savvy enough to know you have to have a full arsenal if you want to win the publishing war. So, it's off to write a synopsis I go.

But I'm not happy about it.

So there.

Cheryl Walker

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Friday, January 9, 2009


Or, the letdown. I couldn't decide on the title.

I've finished my latest novel. I'm very happy with it, initial beta feedback has been great, gearing myself up to do the synopsis and all the other business-related things I need to do in order to ship it to my agent.

It's a great feeling to write "the end", but it also leaves me feeling lost and aimless until I determine what I'm going to be writing next. At the same time, my brain is tired and would like a rest of some kind. Only, not too much of one.

I know I need to get away from the completed MS for a few days, because I need the space in order to write a good synopsis. I also don't want the next book to sound like a continuation of this one (since I'm working on a different series next, not the next book in the current one), so some distance is necessary.

My husband thinks I should just relax, go to bed early, maybe not even write for a couple of days. But...not write? Not WRITE?

Uh, I think I have some short story I could work's nothing like the book I just finished...I'm sure it'll be good for me to work on it. (Not write??? What is the man thinking?!?)

Cheryl Walker

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